great cambridge road

The 1391 square meter site for the Proposed Development is located to the west side of the Great Cambridge Road and to the east of the new river. The land borders the new river and is grassed with trees and fencing to the east. There are houses to the north predominately two storey faced in brickwork and painted render. The Churchgate Conservation area is close by to the west.

The form, massing and scale of the new dwellings have been considered in relation to the houses to the north and the housing to the west of the new river. Also in relation to the nearby Churchgate Conservation area to the west.

A single storey brick wall forms the base that both shields and absorbs the road noise. The wall is made of hollow bricks that absorb the energy of the sound waves and provides support for the white rendered forms that contain the bedrooms. The base of the wall is made of blue engineering bricks laid vertically that then border and mark the entrance to each of the houses.

The hollow bricks are laid vertically and separated with courses yellow stock bricks. The bedrooms are arranged to face either south or west but not over the road side. A roof terrace at first floor forms an extension of the garden and a more private outside space. The terrace can be access from the garden via an external staircase and from the bedrooms that front the terrace at first floor.